Artist Statement

     The work is the result of a complex process that integrates traditional mediums, painting, sculpture and photography with advanced computer technologies. Compositions depict dynamic spaces populated with activity; digitized gestural marks link fluctuating layers of information, drawing connections between contemporary digital technologies and the traditions of painting. The abstracted visual elements present in the work direct the viewer to develop a unique sense of the space, an understanding that is shaped by their innate cognitive mapping processes. Concepts from cybercartography and digital architecture act as the underlying framework for these virtual environments. Regarding the advent of the internet as a pivotal moment, the work examines how people's perception of space and connectivity are abstractly transforming.


     Compositions are arranged with a collage sensibility utilizing a diverse palette of visual materials. The dense entanglement depicted in the images is meant to mirror the interdisciplinary production process. Recycling these components through both physical and virtual mediums allows me to transform disparate elements into a complex visual language. The relationship between these different forms of art continues to drive current work.


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